No Assumptions. Just Facts.

No Assumptions. Just Facts.

Stop second-guessing what your customers want and hear from them directly. 

What is zero party data?

1  Zero-party data. This is data a customer intentionally and proactively shares with your brand. It can include purchase intentions, personal context, what they want you to offer and how they want you to see them. In some cases - as when a customer logs in using their Facebook account - they can revoke your access to data at will. Zero-party data is precious because it means your customer trusts you to use it appropriately and wants you to deliver them a relevant, personalised experience. While an organisation may technically own zero-party data, firms should treat it differently than traditional first-party data:

it should never be sold or shared without explicit permission, and it should always be used to improve the value your firm delivers to the consumer. 

Consumers are more meticulous now when handing over personal data to organisations. Consumers want to be entertained, engaged in exchange for their attention and personal data. Marketers can deliver this by leveraging ConsentEye’s Consent & Preference Management System, to deliver a personalised consumer experience by on facts, not assumptions. 


1  Forrester report: Consumer Data: Beyond First And Third Party 

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