Unsubscribe, opt-downs and opt-outs

Unsubscribe, opt-downs and opt-outs

In the current marketplace, unsubscribing or opting-out is an unavoidable aspect to emails marketing but isn't inevitable. Today, the term opt-down is becoming familiar in the age of privacy/personalisation.

With a preference centre, statistics show 60% of subscribers would opt-down rather than opting out. This best-practice allows a subscriber who might completely remove themselves from email communications to reduce the frequency and/or refine the content they would like to see. Through preference centres, marketing preferences can be widened and less restrictive so it doesn't force out subscriber altogether.

"A customer has recently just signed up for your newsletter and have now been bombarded with emails about events, product news and updates etc. They work in research and development for a large organisation and would like more information in the form of whitepapers, and only whitepapers. However, upon arriving on their preferences they don't have the ability to choose what they want, only to opt-out. That is a customer lost". Someone who would have referenced your work, promoting you and raising your profile. This story can be told a hundred different ways, for thousands of different cases.

With the biggest rule of business, give the people what they want!

It always amazes me, when I get an unwanted email and hit “unsubscribe” that I get taken to a page which asks why I am unsubscribing. There is always an option for “I am receiving too many emails”, yet no way to correct this. Organisations simply collect this information for analytics, but don’t offer the opportunity to change frequency, or take a communication holiday. It’s basic but effective.

As a result, the organisation build stronger relationships with their customers, gaining valuable insights from the customer's preferences, allowing targeted marketing campaign creation.

Recently, 'consent holidays' (asking an organisation to pause communication for a number of months) is becoming an option that individuals can take. Having a break from all email communications can be a delight to many individuals.

Keep your customers, by giving them the gift of opting-down, not just out.

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