Preference Centre

Preference Centre

Why do they matter in the age of personalisation?

Organisations face a number of challenges, one of the biggest being when, how and what to communicate with individuals lawfully. Timing and context are key to any communication and relationship. Personalisation has become more and more an essential part of marketing strategy. All organisations need to keep up-to-date with their customers and connect on a personal level with relevant campaigns.

A preference centre allows individuals to easily change their own subscription details, consents & preferences. Typically displayed as a web form on your website as part of a large customer journey. Allowing organisations to gather further data from individuals to a point where they can be engaged with and conversations can arise.

Some of the benefits of using a preference centre are:

  • Empowering individuals to control what content is delivered and when¬†
  • Improving customer engagement
  • Interaction are based on personas
  • Identifying key opportunities and driving revenue
  • Reducing churn and converting subscribers into loyal clients

Marketing teams need to harness actionable insights from the multiple data consumer channels they have available to them.  Engaging in relevant conversations no matter the channel. Personalised marketing is the key to successful campaigns and increasing revenue.

Customers take their own journey to try, buy or stay loyal. Marketers can use ConsentEye to harvest and interpret data and create contextualised campaigns that are triggered by customer behaviour; not by their best guess.