The IAB to release an updated consent framework later this year with Google to sign on

The IAB to release an updated consent framework later this year with Google to sign on

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is gathering feedback from publishers, including Google as it prepares the updated version of its Transparency and Consent Framework sometime this year. With Google continuing to postpone the official alignment with the General Data Protection Regulation consent tool, said to integrate with the framework as a recognised vendor once released.

The GDPR requires organisations that deal with EU citizen data to comply with a number of regulations and articles, including that of consent; must be clear, informed and unambiguous. Organisations failing to comply will be fined up to €20 million, or 4% of their annual turnover, whichever the greater. The IAB Europe TCF provides organisations with a framework in which they can manage and collect consent.

Google spokesperson stated, “Google supports IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework that will help publishers large and small to comply with the requirements of GDPR.”

The CEO of IAB Europe, Townsend Feehan said that the IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab have been incorporating feedback from other  European publishers into its new TCF release to “accommodate requests for more granular control and more complete accommodation of the ‘legitimate interests’ legal basis”.

Consent collection under the GDPR has been a challenge for Google. With Google recent fine of €50m for not being sufficiently transparent about the use of personal information and not obtaining specific consent for ad-targeting purposes under GDPR. The global powerhouse firstly tried to assign tasks to publishers, considered those using its ad serving platform, DoubleClick for Publishers, to be “co-controllers”, a stance that caused angry publishers to push back.

Google has announced that is has redesigned its ad-blocker monetisation tool, Funding Choice as a consent management solution, but that still remains in beta. And a self-imposed August 2018 deadline came and went without any action, while Google reached an interim solution with its publishers to gather consent.

The agreement between Google and the IAB Europe would set a standard for the greater digital advertising ecosystem - publishers, advertisers, ad tech vendors - to handle consent under GDPR. It may also form a template for consent processes in other jurisdictions that pass similar privacy measures, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act.  

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