How to use consent to develop your business

How to use consent to develop your business

Consent must be freely given, specific informed and unambiguous. In order to have explicit consent, a user must always freely opt-in rather than have the assumption that because they did nothing, they are deemed to have consented.

How can good consent management be used in marketing?

All of those consent preference emails which have been sent since the 25th May are not for nought. By gathering customers’ shopping and living preferences with the use of consent on forms on site, for example, you can develop a cohesive, targeted and highly lucrative marketing campaign.

What is marketing? Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, so what better way to do this than with a detailed insight into your customer base’s interests?

Direct mail campaigns which use opt-in data are proven to be more effective than those without any opt-in. A customer may opt-in to receive targeted posted literature, which could in turn save a company large amounts of money. Rather than sending hundreds of letters which may get thrown out, send to a targeted 100 to those who really want it - save money on mass printing and posting, put your name and products in front of those who are more likely to buy it!

Targeted opt-ins can also ease the burden of your marketing department, as GDPR guidelines require you to explain why you are requesting the data, so think carefully when compiling marketing questions. Consider this; your team has access to valuable information, willingly handed over by the very people who you are trying to target, enabling you to specifically interact with them in a way which is personal and legally complicit.

Segmenting the data and gathering an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour is vital in knowing how to use GDPR to benefit your business. 


How can ConsentEye help?

We know consent, and have designed tailored packages to help you and your business no matter the size. Our Consent Management Solution and Cookie Consent Manager can help capture a goldmine of information and personal preferences to help you tailor your marketing efforts and develop your business further. Please contact us to find out more on how we can help you make an impact.


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