What not to do with your GDPR consent request emails

What not to do with your GDPR consent request emails

Are you up to your eyeballs trying to decide how to word consent emails? You should be.

Did you know if the Information Commission Office (ICO) fined the same three British companies breaching data protection laws today which it fined in 2016, under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) these fines would total £69 million!


When a GDPR consent email isn't compliant 

Not every fine is connected to how you word your emails. However, Honda, Morrisons, and Flybe, (fined only £880,500 in 2016) were fined for this very infringement. Being in breach of the privacy and electronic regulations aspect of the GDPR today is worth up to 4 percent of a companies’ global turnover.

  • Honda sent 289,790 emails clarifying whether customers wanted to receive marketing at all.
  • Morrisons sent 131,500 emails to people who had opted out of receiving loyalty card related emails.
  • Flybe just asked 3.3 million customer emails if their details were correct.

All three were viewed as not enough, or inappropriate wordings to obtain consent. More than ever it’s a good time to know what to do if your GDPR consent email is not compliant with the regulations.


The fix for gaining consent is in the wording

Consent is perhaps, easily fixed if your information culture and consent lifecycle centres around something like, for example, football. Manchester United ran a marketing campaign called ‘Stay United’, sending their current database population information using the clubs’ players to explain the benefits of consenting and all the elements of subscribing or unsubscribing.

They emphasised the law was changing so fans must consent properly if they wanted information from the club. Done by video, this was all easily digestible and easily understandable, and of course, dependent on your interest in football. Crucially, while they offered prizes for updating marketing preferences, these were not won only if giving consent, or opting in. The prizes were open to all.


If you need a variety of consent stages, ConsentEye can help

 If a variety of consents are required, such as those by schools, churches, or charities for example, you might need more expert help. Varied consent requests for cookies, marketing, collective use of social media, publicity purposes, and the like, when you are dealing with different groups needs more than a blanket email or video approach. In cases were organisations deal with children and students, split family contacts, vulnerable adults, and sensitive data, our system is ideal. It will make sure you don’t miss the little things.


Don’t leave it to employees

Keep in mind, consent must be checked annually. For many organisations with complex clientele but limited funds, gaining consent means risking a rather lumpy process whereby one employee after another is responsible for the ‘data gathering’ project. We provide a system which chooses which consents are required for which groups. The system keeps track of who’s consented and who hasn’t. You only need import contacts into it or connect a CRM system or database.

At ConsentEye we’ll offer a 14-day free trial to any organisation wishing to see how easy it can be to manage all your contacts effortlessly. Ensure all your emails are GDPR compliant and useful too! Please get in touch today to discuss your consent process and how we can help you be a trusted, secure organisation.

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