GDPR Birthday

GDPR Birthday

Happy 1yr compliance.

We all have witnessed GDPR come into play on the 25th of May 2018, and the effort it caused companies to work towards becoming GDPR compliant. However, this was not a single action for many but a change in both organisational processes and behaviours driven by the change in regulation.

In particular, GDPR forced marketers to renounce much their dependence on behavioural data collection and start looking at what their customers want on a more granular and personal level. Changing the way organisations operate when handling EU citizens data. Bearing in mind that GDPR wasn't designed to pause all communications but to ensure that communication was of value to the individual.

Marketers have seen this as an opportunity to develop solutions that delve deeper into the needs of their customers and prospects, rather than having a one-fits-all marketing approach.

If you're still struggling with your marketing compliance, our professional services team are always here for advice and support.



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