Go Beyond Marketing with Preference and Consent Management

Go Beyond Marketing with Preference and Consent Management

How well do you know your customers? 

With every New Year comes resolutions and goals. All the more to hear from your customer directly, and update their preferences. Start the New Year right and ensure they receive relevant and personalised information.

As individuals’ today expect a personalised experience which is why leading organisations commit 10% of their total marketing budgets to personalisation. The more you know your customers, the better you can communicate with them to build trust, loyalty and sales. 

People are using many different touchpoints. To really get that complete and single view of the customer, you need to be able to connect all of those touchpoints.

Preference Management enables Marketers to do just that by searching across multiple data silos in real-time via easy-to-use applications to build targeted campaigns to consenting individuals.

Gartner analysts predict that 30% of organisations across the world will provide customers with the ability to edit their marketing preferences via an online application/portal by 2023.

These self-service ‘Preference Centre’ applications will ensure that customers only receive information via their chosen delivery mechanism, that they want to see. Therefore by giving customers the ability to make their choices and express their desires it will build trust, loyalty and happy spending customers.

  • Increase customer engagement by introducing the ability for customers to express their preferences

  • Improve data quality by allowing customers access to their information so it’s always up-to-date and ‘clean’.

  • Reduce opt-outs by up to 70% by staying relevant and providing opt-down options instead of unsubscribes.

Forrester research has found that the most common reasons for customers to ‘Unsubscribe’ are, irrelevant email (74%) and too many emails (71%). However, only 26% said that they didn’t want to hear from brands or companies ever again. 

56% of enterprises say that establishing a centre of excellence or expert team dedicated to personalisation is a top priority for 2020. Getting started is all it takes to go beyond marketing so give us a call to discuss how you can start using personalisation within your organisation.

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